A downloadable game for Windows

Entity Room is a short indie horror game, in which you're working in an underground lab. Your job is to ensure the entity is being fed every day and the rooms are cleaned afterwards.

Average playtime: 15-20 minutes

Key features:

  • Innovative horror experience
  • VHS aesthetics
  • Atmospheric environment
  • Immersive sound design


  • WASD to move
  • Mouse to look around
  • Shift to sprint
  • Alt to walk
  • E to use
  • F to toggle flashlight


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Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(162 total ratings)
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Creepy, Dark, First-Person, Horror, Retro, Short, Singleplayer, Unity
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Entity_Room_1.0.0.zip 136 MB


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Great work, Gemezl! I had a lot of fear and fun with this game. Totally awesome!
(Gameplay in Portuguese BR)

I had a feeling about what was coming as soon as I noticed the "door" in my room, LOL.

Hi, I appreciated so much this game. Congratulations and thank you for share it with us, pal. Second part.

We need more of this, sequels to spread the story and make it even bigger.


I loved it! It seems to be a fairly decent job except the couple of little hiccups and issues. Thanks for making it!

só joguei por cusa do felps '-'

This was another very solid entry by you. The scares got me good and the monster was terrifying. Good job!

I was scared few times


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O jogo é bem simples mas é muito interessante, mas sinto que eu esperava algo mais. Já joguei outros jogos do criador e são muito bons também! Gameplay:


Great game with it simple but fun game style, With it's own unique story.

thank you for the game :

Gave it a Let's Play, gameplay can be found below! I had lots of feedback/suggestions and constructive criticisms for the dev, but otherwise, I do feel like there is potential in your work, the ending of this game was disappointing, unfortunately, everything else alright.

This was my introduction to this developer and I have enjoyed every game they have come out with. Each one has their own vibe and it is great to see the dev experimenting. This game in particular has a really interesting environment/world that it has built up with a fun surprise at the end. I would rate this as one of my favorite experiences with an Itch game thus far. 

Comments below clip:

You've got a job taking care of prison cells. You know why the prisoners are there and you know what happens to them. You are actually [and effectively] helping in feeding some sort of entity that lurks at the other side of those cells. Clean up the mess, sleep and rinse and repeat.

What can go wrong?

Want to find out? Play or watch the game. It's fun, until it isn't...

I didn't run into any bugs, hiccups or other snags, so kudos to all involved, and thanks for making this game!

Very good, at first I thought the setting was very similar to scp

I admit that while I fed the entity, even with the locked doors, I still had this fear that I wasn't safe. I mean, to be fair, DON'T leave one person by them self to feed something so dangerous! I'm just saying...

I had a "feeding frenzy" of fear as I tried to satiate the appetite of a hungry entity lurking in the shadows!

when is mimic search coming out

In 2-3 months

ok thx

VERY spoopy indeed

really good game I loved it

I would realy like this as my job ngl... (without me being eaten ofc.)

Help!!! How does you reset the aspect ratio for the game?!??!?! The window is so small I cant see anything

It is very good. Good job


After I saw the door to the creature in my room, I already guessed the impending trouble... Because of this, I felt a little anxious the whole game, aha

Definitely had me on edge!

Hey friends! Hope you enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed the game! 

wump wump

Loved the emails LMAOOO


I love your games so far

Really enjoyed this! Got big SCP vibes!

I truly enjoyed this; so disturbing.
And I always had the feeling that it wasn't going to have a good ending.

played all your games and this one is by far my favourite.

id love to see u expend on this idea loved it 

This was such a nice lil game to play and i really enjoyed the whole vibe it gives keep up the great work

Can you make a mac version of the game?

The ending did catch me off guard, I was expecting the ending to be it hides in one of the feeding rooms when the in is closed, but since it didnt I thought there would be something else. good game tho

I love that you tried something new with this game and you had some great ideas and fantastic pacing & timing. I really enjoyed myself and am curious what you come up with next. 

I really enjoyed it, keep up the good work :)

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