A downloadable game for Windows

Entity Room is a short indie horror game, in which you're working in an underground lab. Your job is to ensure the entity is being fed every day and the rooms are cleaned afterwards.

Average playtime: 15-20 minutes

Key features:

  • Innovative horror experience
  • VHS aesthetics
  • Atmospheric environment
  • Immersive sound design


  • WASD to move
  • Mouse to look around
  • Shift to sprint
  • Alt to walk
  • E to use
  • F to toggle flashlight


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Updated 2 days ago
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(94 total ratings)
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Creepy, Dark, First-Person, Horror, Retro, Short, Singleplayer, Unity
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Entity_Room_1.0.0.zip 136 MB


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Creepy game! Just disappointed tho that I can't open the out doors while opening the ins. Im just expecting to get a different ending like letting the entity escape

i downloaded this yesterday and it looks fun, but i have one little problem. when i press 'e' to go on the computer, the screen is not centered. the 'data' is pushed up the screen so i can only see half of each option, which does me no good cause i can't see the top half. is this a feature and i need to fix the computer?

What resolution do you use? Also can you maybe provide a screenshot? It's weird that you have this problem, because I tested all possible resolutions before releasing the game.

i was at 1920x1080 on my nVidia GT1030. will load it up in a few and take a screen shot shortly.

just reloaded it and it's working perfectly lol. i guess it just happened that very first time, and i might have had another game running in the background. hopefully was a one off. i'll let you know and be sure to take a screen shot if it happens again but it looks good now. will go and enjoy. sorry for the false alarm.

I also played your Missing Hiker and wrote a review/article on it at my blog site. I wrote it like a week or so ago so it's still on the front page if you want to check it out. This is not spam and there are no ads ever on my site. Just my blog:


You'll see the review on the front page right side 4th article down. Thanks.

¿Trabajar para el gobierno alimentando a una malvada y aterradora criatura de otra dimensión? Acepto que es lo peor que podría pasar... animate a ver mi gameplay en español!!!

Nice! The atmosphere was good quality and the build up to the scare at the end was great! gg dev :)

Such a good game! Loved every minute, congrats!

I loved this game the atmosphere and surrounding vhs like graphics all matched I wish there were more jump scares but the tension ran high watch for yourself.....thanks

Pretty good, I dare say

Corto, pero entretenido, hubiera estado interesante que se pudiera obtener otros finales, pero aun asi disfrute el juego


fun little short horror experience! not many scares but a nice scary feel to it!

Sadly this game will go into the folder on my laptop of games that my laptop cant handle. The lowest resolution setting is too high for my crusty old laptop. It runs at the smoothness of a power point presentation :(

I was bait huh...

I loved  It reminded me a lot of the SCP foundation

Great game!!!

Hey there I really enjoyed the little buildup you've got here and it definitely pays off, thanks for not making the mundane tasks too slow tho! Very interesting game btw too. Good luck on your next game I'm sure it'll be good! This is the first game in my video

nice short little game


I loved this game, it had such a great atmosphere! It reminded me of the old SCP stories. Great job!

hm seems good

Curti demaissss o game! Os jogos do Gemezl sempre surpreendem! VAle a pena

Another great game, really enjoyed the vibe. It definitely had a very SCP inspired feel to it, which I am always all for.

I'm looking forward to whatever you make next! 

Solid game like always. i feel like its time for a new ending tho other than that its fire

Why would anyone consider a demonic gatekeeping job? Well, I definitely shouldn't BUT I DID!

Maybe the pay is just too good ;)

had fun playing this one :)

Can't wait for the NEXT GAME

it was creepy and made me think of an SCP containment sector. 

Made a video

I linked my full game a few days ago but here is my YouTube shorts version of this amazing game, i hope you enjoy it!

Great game! I had a lot of fun feeding the entity with people. We need more games like that! Best regards from Brazil.

Had lots of fun playing this game!, got a few good jump scares out of me! Well done with the atmosphere, really reminded me of the SCP lore.

Thanks for the chance to play this in my Channel! I'm gonna wait for the new expansion

Had really fun playing this game. Short, but fun would recommend playing it. Also give the channel a look. Upload 2 times a week!!

Really fun, thank you for quality game!

it was a fun game will recommend it to all

Interesting game
(1 edit)

Running Itch.io under Linux, when I start the game I can't see anything but the game seems to function properly.


This really was a spooky and well done game! The entity lurking there and the player having to feed it with people. It really was like an SCP story and well done at it too! 

I only wish that the game was longer as it took its time to really ramp up the scares and the entity itself and slowly make things very scary! 

Also being able to hide at the end might have been a cool alternate ending. *thinking emoji*

But those just be my thoughts, you might have had a different vision. I still thought that the game was so fun and engaging and had a blast playing it! Good luck for future projects and can't wait for more!

Great game overall, although I do wish there were multiple endings to this game and more jumpscares. I like the idea of the game and the VHS style made it creepier. Def recommend this game for players looking for a short horror game ride with a good story.

Even though I kinda knew how it would play out, it still got me a few times! Great sound design and the VHS style graphics made it work! Fantastic job! Here is my video of it!

Such a great little game. Thank you for making it! There were a couple of spooks that got me good. 

I knew from the beginning it would end this way. 



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